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Buyer & Seller Beware! Below is a list of people, breeders and puppy mills in our OPINION deserve the "Spam Turkey" award for questionable business practices. Please check each resources out carefully when looking for a puppy or adult bulldog to purchase or when looking to place a puppy, adult or rescue bulldog.
*****This page has been created as an alert and informational tool only. The opinions and facts shared are soley owned by the individuals submitting content.

Do Not Buy Spam Turkey Award Winners!!!!!

From:Shelly Fernandez

Do Not Buy From Best Quality Bulldogs

also known as California Coast Bulldogs and Route 66

(affiliated with Southwest Bulldogs)

Buyer BEWARE...I was informed my puppies are being used to falsely advertise bulldogs for sale. PLEASE help me in letting this website know we will not tolerate this. CALL them at (661) 212-5203. Let's make them take off false advertising.
The photographer is taking legal steps, but we all know that takes time. I WANT my puppies off this site TODAY...So lets' call them and let them know, we know.
Shelly Fernandez
Wild West Bulldogs

From: The SqueakyWheel.com

Do Not Buy From Southwest Bulldogs

Please Please Read -Southwest Bulldogs/Rick Johnston SCAM and Fraud

by Otilia Sullivan

Rick Johnston of South West Bulldogs, Hollywood Bulldogs and The Genetic Bulldog Breeders Association is a liar, a crock and a fraud. My husband and I signed up with Rick to be part of his Genetic Bulldog Breeders Association. For that privilege Rick would charge us $25,000.00 for three females and training on breeding (which included videos made by him)as well as expert advice on proper breeding. Another $25,000.00 was due from the first litters born by the females. The females were to be held in co-ownership unit Rick received the full $50,000.00. After which the females ownership would be transferred to us. I had asked Rick on a number of occasions for photos and pedigrees of the girls that he was sending but Rick never seemed to have the time and assured me that we would love the girls that we were getting. We asked that only two be delivered at first and the third in a few months. When the dogs arrived we were really concerned because one had a cherry eye, one had mange and both were a horrible depictions of the breed. They also arrived with no pedigrees or paperwork. I contacted Rick and said I was concerned about how these girls looked as well as potential health issues. Remember Rick claims to only breed healthy top quality dogs. He assured me that the dogs were “A+ in standard” and that they were great breeding females. My husband and I took the females to our local vet who is very well versed in Bulldog conformation. Our vet said “I’d be embarrassed to sell these dogs for $100.00 each, they should NEVER be bred because of health concerns and conformation issues”. My husband then contacted Rick and asked him to take back the dogs. Our contract states that if we decide not to move forward for any reason we need to return the dogs to Rick immediately. Rick refused to take the dogs back. Even when we told him that we would be giving the dogs up for adoption at our local pound he still refused. You can’t tell me he thinks these dogs are worth anything if he refused to take them back. I then decided to do a little research on Rick and found the following. He does not have any of his dogs licensed in Arizona as of 5/2/07. I could not find proof that he holds a kennel license. He has pictures of impressive bulldogs on his website but he did not breed ANY of the champions. Limited Edition was bred and shown by Bomberland Bulldogs in Hungry. I spoke to the owner and he said that Limited Edition was sold to Rick in late 2005 or early 2006. The link to verify this is www.bulldogs.bomberland.hu/ click on males and then Fred and you’ll see him. Funny that Limited Edition’s pedigree is not posted on Rick’s website. I think he does not show it because the breeders name is on it. Rick also claims that he ownes a kennel in Hungry. I’ve found no proof of this. I also looked up one of Ricks females and found that she was bred by a kennel in the Netherlands her name is Sweet Pea (her sister is Sodona) and the kennel link is www.kasanbulls.nl . I also found NO proof that Rick has been breeding bulldogs for over 20 years as he claims. Type in the words Rick Johnston and bulldogs and you’ll find his website and consumer complaints nothing more. I spoke to three different breeders in the USA and none of them knew who Rick Johnston was. As far as Rick’s connection with celebrities, he gives the dogs to them for free. He told me this himself. It’s sad to say but Rick & Mathew Johnston are nothing more than a scam and a puppy mill. They are lookign to open 15 puppy mills in the USA. If you are considering buying from them please do the research first. This guy is out to make a quick buck and does not care who he steps on or what e does to the breed.

From: TheSqueakyWheel.com

Rick johnston sold me a english bulldog puppy that was SUPPOSED to be a show quality english bulldog puppy for $6,150.He gave me a story that he had a puppy that he was holding for a guy that was going to give to his son to start showing,but that when it was time to get the puppy the guy was going thru a divorce and couldnt take him.And he told me he would put me in front of his so called waiting list and sale me the puppy.He told me he was show quality and that I needed to show him so I could make him more valuable for stud service.I told rick that I was looking for a show quality bulldog to start showing and also be able to use him eventually as my stud for my breeding program.Rick guareented me he was all of this.When he shipped me the puppy he was almost 4 months old and weighed a mere 10.5lbs.I questioned rick about his quality and size and he asssured me he was show quality and give him time he would grow.After this I was realizing rick johnston is a frausd and I started contacting breeders who show english bulldogs and I sent them pictures of him and they all stated he was far from show quality.They stated he was way too small and show standard calls for a bulldog to be at least 50 lbs. and by the size of this guy he will be lucky to reach 40lbs.full grown.Also within 1 week of getting him he developed cherry eye in one eye which rick did reimburse me for the cost of the surgery.As for showing him ive been told the cherry eye automatically disqualifies him due to the fact that the dog is not allowed any alterations and the cherry eye surgery is an alteration of the eye.Besides this he has tulip ears a small and not standard shaped head.He is clearly not show quality and to top this off when he shipped the puppy to us he told us we would have his papers in 30 days.When the 30 days wre up we called him and asked him again and he stated he had not drawn them yet and it would be another 30 days.Well the 30 days is up again so i e mailed him asking him for them and he stated to me that he was moving facilities and that when he built his new facilities he would draw for them.When I questioned him on this and asked how hard is it to draw the papers and asked how much longer I had to wait he wrote me back saying he is tired of my belly aching and I would get the papers when I get them.I have every right to be questioning this fraud who ripped me off $6,000 and hasnt even gave me the papers on the puppy which is now 6 months old.So basically I paid $6,000 for a non show quality bulldog with no papers.I asked this scam artist for either a partial or full refund and he told me its not going to happen.Evey one thinking about buying a bulldog from this fraud should STAY AWAY!!!! AND RUN FROM HIM.There's more cases even worse than mine.I have filed a formal complaint about this fraud to the Arizona attorney generals office and hopefully this scam artist will be put out of buisness.

southwest bulldogs has just been sent an e-mail message letting them know that you have seen this page.

Thanks very much for your support.
Tommy Miller



Gina Price changed the name of her business to this because of all the complaints she has from her old name:

Rebel Ridge Kennels

If you want to do a background check on her just type in "Rebel Ridge Kennels" on this site in the search area and you will see all the victims.

If you already bought a puppy from Gina and it is sick or died there are people that can help you. Do the search for Rebel Ridge Kennels on this site and go through the complaints. You see people and numbers to contact.

Another site that list what Gina is all about is:


Please check out this info before buying a puppy from her. It will prevent a lot of pain and financial cost!!

Thanks very much for your support.
Warren James


Do Not Sell To Spam Turkey Award Winners!!!

***********Please add this name

by Jessica Pangilinan

to a "do not sell to" list...John Danotti. He's in Northern California. He aquired one of my Bulldogs and refuses to return her. The girl he has now he calls Meatball, his girlfriends name is Jennifer. He is in the market for a male pup, I know this because he contacted a breeder that had used my stud.
Thank you Susan for giving me another outlet to keep this creep from getting another Bulldog

Posted on Sep 6, 2006, 8:05pm
********** by Dot (no login)

add this one:
Michael Colwell, San Antonio

We had talked for weeks about him taking one of my pups and I arranged to meet him half way, at a hotel, since another lady was picking up one as well.
Well the other lady was a fed cop...I asked her to have her badge out, you know when you get that creepy feeling you are being watched?
Well she had her badge and gun in plain sight.

Well supposedly he never showed up, altho two cars of questionable people circled the lot 3 times, and I asked her to wait with me and she did.
Finally, after 1 hour we both left and wouldn't you know it, within 5 minutes he calls and says he is there.
needless to say I didn't go back.

Posted on Sep 7, 2006, 7:47 AM


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